Welcome to Underdog Chance


I’m MB, the founder of Underdog Chance site.

I create betting models to help bettors make smarter bets. We all know how important is to use numbers and statistics in betting and most bettors don’t have a clue how to start. On one side we have a lot of complex theory, books and complex programming tools (like python), which in reality most bettors will never learn.

I teach how to use simple google sheets and at the same time I bet for myself. I share what worked for me in the past. I bet since 1998.

The mission and idea of my site is to share my betting experience and knowledge with you so you can become a bettor without following other people’s picks. This includes understanding betting basics and sports betting world as a whole. I believe that blindly following sports picks from other people will not help you. There are couple of reasons for that. Sports betting world is changing and old methods don’t work anymore. Traditional handicapping and relying on public information, making decisions based on experience and intuition is outdated. Bookmakers are smarter and smarter and using statistics, understanding the basics is more and more important.

While most sports betting sites, forums and handicappers focus on creating new followers, I focus on creating new handicappers.

In my experience, why most bettors lose are not bad or good picks, but the knowledge.

I show you step-by-step how to build a betting model in Google Sheets and I show you based on my +20 years of experience, what it really takes to win at Sports Betting.