How are you? I hope you are doing well and that you are making profit in sports betting.

I didn’t send any email in last days or week, because I was working on a new site and with A Journey members we were working on betting models improvements.

Here are some interesting things:


2018/2019 Record: 249-217, +11.44

But we also analysed past results (I just made today 1825th bet in basketball, since I run my basketball betting model). For example we found, that Spanish basketball league results based on my model are exceptional (44-16, +24.64, Yield: +39.74%)

Handicap Type Nº Bets P/L Yield % of Total Profit
Home Total 416 40.46 9.73%
Away Total 456 0.08 0.02%
Home HA + 133 12.30 9.25% 30.35%
Home HA – 283 28.16 9.95% 69.46%
Away HA + 284 -3.25 -1.14% -8.02%
Away HA – 172 3.33 1.94% 8.21%
Nº Bets P/L Yield
Over 228 25.83 11.33%
Under 377 2.08 0.55%


I was working on ice hockey betting model since last season, when I struggled and after the last update, I am 47-35, +13.94, CLV: +0.79%, Yield: +12.34%. The only thing that concerns me is CLV numbers, that should be much better and there is still room for improvement here.

Interestingly that biggest value plays this season (adjusted kelly criterium >2) are +12.46 units.


I found that highest value plays (adjusted kelly criterium number >2) beat the line in 73.39% of times with CLV: +3.48%.

This is why I will start sharing my best plays on my site as a Selection bets. I will still regularly bet all those leagues and all those bets from different sports and in the future I will stay away from the leagues and bet types where we don’t make good profit. But for now, you can check my selection bets on my site. 


Bets are selected based on my criteria. Leagues and bet types, where the models has the best results.