Two sportsbooks with best csgo betting odds

Yes, even better than Pinnacle!

  • Nitrogensports – US Friendly, Bitcoin Bookmaker (balance held in bitcoins)
  • Betonline – US Friendly, USD Bookmaker (balance held in US Dollars)

Every CSGO esports bettor is looking to find the best CSGO betting odds and the lines on the market. Finding a trusted sportsbook, that has low margins (low vig) and offers the best odds is as important as building a winning betting model.

Margins & CSGO betting lines

Margins (juice, vig) are basically commissions from bookmakers and their advantage. The bigger the margin, the worse odds.

To calculate betting margins simply take any lines from counter strike global offensive games and calculate as follows (example):

  • Team A: 3.20 -> 1/3.20 = 0.3125
  • Team B: 1.35 -> 1/1.35 = 0.7407407407
  • Margin: 0.3125 + 0.7407407407 = 1.053240741 -> 5.32% is margin (juice/vig)

I compared csgo odds with Pinnacle odds. Pinnacle is arguably one of the best bookmakers in the World with low margins, great betting odds, relationship with sharp gamblers,… but the problem with Pinnacle are country restrictions.

Pinnacle’s CSGO lines compared to Nitrogensports and Betonline Sportsbook.

Pinnacle csgo betting odds:

csgo betting usa

Pinnacle is great, but many bettors can simply not use this online betting site and benefit from the best betting prices. Among these bettors are also CSGO bettors who can not bet with Pinnacle and are looking for a sportsbook, that can offer similar to Pinnacle csgo betting odds and is trustworthy.

The good news is that there are csgo gambling sites, with amazing odds and are US-friendly too.


Betonline is one of the best US-Friendly sportsbooks with the best odds and high limits. Sports bettors from all over the world can benefit from their great bonuses and their csgo betting odds are among the best in the market.

Transactions are fast and they can be made via credit card or bitcoins. The account balance is held in fiat currency (USD).


Nitrogen Sport is a trustworthy Bitcoin sportsbook that offers amazing csgo odds compared to other esports & betting gambling sites.

Transactions with this bookmaker are secure and anonymous.

I compared the vig (margins) with Pinnacle odds and their juice can be compared with Pinnacle csgo betting odds or even better.

The great thing is that Nitrogen Sports accept also US sports bettors. It is a must-have sportsbook for any bettor who likes to bet esports with bitcoins.