Super Bowl Betting Line Explained: What is the Best Value Bet?

The first Super Bowl lines and the totals were opened right after Conference Championships and the first NFL finals wagers happened right away.

Super Bowl 55 will be played between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs and it will take place in Tampa, at the home of the Buccaneers.

This is also a clash between two great quarterbacks – Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. No doubt that many sports bettors will try luck in this game.

But the question is, what are the Super Bowl odds, lines totals and how can we find the value.

Buccaneers are underdogs, Chiefs favorites

Right after the opening odds, we could see right away, that Tampa Bay is an underdog, which means, that the market gives them less chance to win this game.

(Initial betting lines from Bovada )

Super Bowl Moneyline Odds

  • Bovada 01/24 10:53 pm Chiefs -175 / Buccaneers +155

Tampa Bay Buccaneers bettors would profit $155 if they place a wager of $100. Chiefs bettors must pay $175 to win $100.

Chances and Probabilities explained:

If we turn these numbers into the probabilities (no vig):

  • Kansas City: 62% of chance to win Super Bowl
  • Tampa Bay: 32% of chance to win Super Bowl

Super Bowl 55 Spread, Line, ATS

(Initial betting lines from Bovada )

  • Opening spread: Kansas City Chiefs -3.5
  • Opening spread: Tampa Bay +3.5
Betting lines and spreads explained:

Bettors can make wagers on many different bet types, including proposition team and players bet, but Spread betting is probably the most popular bet type.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers bet is a winning bet, if Buccaneers win this game or lose the game by no more than 3 points.

Kansas City Chiefs bet is a winning bet if the Chiefs win this game by 4 or more points.

Betting lines and spreads explained:

(Initial betting lines from Bovada )

Totals is another very popular bet type, where we don’t try to pick a winner of the game, but simply focus on how many points will be scored in this game.

  • Over/under: 57.5

The total is set at 57.5 points which means, that if you bet on UNDER 57.5 your bet is a winning bet if the total of points is less than 57 (example: TB vs KC 14-28). If you bet OVER 57.5, your bet is a winning bet if te total of points is more than 58 (example: TB vs KC 34-38).

What is the best Super Bowl Value Bet?

NFL is a very sharp market and this is a special game, where a lot of money will be placed, so the lines will be very efficient.

Smart Super Bowl Betting – Bet on Early Lines

The best way to find a value is to bet early. In the first hours, if possible, because the line movement happens in 3 stages when the line opens when the action happens and when the odds close.

The closing lines are super-efficient and it is hard to beat them. Many professional sports handicappers and NFL betting experts will stay away from this game, which is always the key if there is no value.

NFL Sports betting Model

I use sports betting models to discover the value in betting and based on my betting model, there was a small value with Tampa Bay +3.5. Check my daily videos, where I comment on games with projected spreads, lines, totals, and odds.

Where to bet and find the Best Lines and Super Bowl Bonuses?

This is a huge event for bookmakers and this is the time, where they will offer much bigger limits and even better odds.

Many sports bettors will spread the funds through more betting sites and take the advantage of bonuses (check the full list of bonuses). Bovada, MyBookie, Betonline are some of the best online betting options for US bettors.

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Super Bowl Betting Lines are very sharp and it is very hard to find value in such a game. If you decide to bet, I wish you good luck!