“Your picks are shit. Everyone has good and bad runs…you been cold lately”

Those are the words from guy yesterday, who is obviously following me and it gave me an idea to write this article.

The funny part is that I am not even on a cold streak now. I was cold at the beginning of the MLB season, but not now. Just working hard every day to beat bookmaker with no big ups and downs. So, if there is anyone, who thinks that this is a cold run, then how he survives the real cold streaks?

In sports betting we always like to talk about runs, even me. Because there are days, months even a seasons, when you do not make a profit and there are days, months and even a seasons, when everything is perfect and you have the feeling that you can win anything. Not only in sports betting, but also in life.

But what are runs anyway?

Runs are just short term period results and you must to learn how to survive. Most bettors will not survive on the long run. And the funny thing is that they even maybe have 70% of “good runs” but they will not know how to survive one or two bad runs. Panic, angriness, betting too much,…

To explain this I will show you the chart of the Bitcoins since the beginning and my sports betting chart which motivates that gentleman to tell me, that my sports betting picks are shit. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t sell picks – I share them for free on my site.

If you invested $100 in Bitcoins in 2010, you would have $72 Million now

What do you think, was this a good investment?

Of course it was. Probably one of the best investments you could make in past years. I don’t believe, that there is anyone who would not like to have $72 Million.

But do you think, that there were no bad runs and good runs? Let’s check the chart:

A – Winning is easy. Anyone can win. So if you bought Bitcoins and if you believed in this investment, you would not panic and you would have now a lot of money.

B – Of course most people would start investing in Bitcoins when the price went up.

C – And the “cold run comes”. They don’t know how to lose. And they start selling bitcoins after they bought it at B point

D – Those who were patient, smart and didn’t panic made a huge profit.

As you see, even if we talk about one of the best possible investments in last years, there were “good” and “bad” runs. And smart investors know this. This is why they didn’t panic. Winning is easy. It is harder to learn how to lose.

Back to my sports betting chart

A – I believe in sports betting and I believe in my work, experience and skill. If I would not believe in myself and if I would not believe, that it is possible to make a profit, I would not even start betting. If you don’t believe in something you do, then don’t even start. If you don’t believe in me, don’t even start following me. In sports betting there is no “middle” way. There is a monster on the other side with all kind of experts, that set the very best odds and to beat them, you must believe in your work put a lot of effort in it.

B – The results went up, mostly on basketball, where I made a profit. And this was a good perios for most people, who jumped in.

C – But then I started my MLB season and I went around 2000 units down. I believe a lot of bettors would panic and some of them will stop betting, some of them will start doubling their money to get back to the B point. And such a behaviour usually lead to bankruptcy.

D – But after a bad start to the MLB season, I came back, beat the negative MLB balance and currently I am sitting on more than 6000 units on all my picks in 2017.

The guy who told me, that I am on a cold streak sent me the email when we were at the point D and this is basically the point, where my profit in 2017 is highest. What would he say if he would invest in Bitcoins and get to the C point, when bitcoins dropped big time?

Understanding this is the difference between those who will make a lot of money and those who will never make money or even a living from sports betting.

Sports Betting Impossible

With my site I want to educate people how to make money in sports betting world, but I see the same problem as Anthony Melchiorri in TV show called “Hotel Impossible” with the hotel owners.

When the hotel is in big troubles, then they call him and he saves the hotel. But the story is always the same. Most hotel owners think, that they need new interior or furniture. But when he comes, he shows them that interior is not the main problem, but usually the basics (clean hotel, hospitality). In almost every episode he spend most of the time to show them basics. When they change the mindset and when they start with the basics, then the interior is just extra bonus, that will make them more money.

The same problem I see in sports betting world. Most people are focusing on picks and they think, that they need picks (interior, furniture) and they think, that they will find someone who will make them rich. But at the same time most of them don’t have the basics.

Nobody will make you rich, except you

Picks are nothing if you don’t have the right mindset, if you don’t know anything about investment and if you don’t understand the basics. Good picks will increase profit and you definitely need them, but if you don’t understand sports betting fundamentals, you will lose sooner or later.

Winning is easy, but to know how to lose will make the difference

If you decide today, that you will make money in sports betting world, you will need to invest some money and time. Not only, that you will need to invest time for analysing games, but also for improving and educating. If you think that love for the sports and watching games in your sofa will beat big bookmakers companies, you are very wrong. There is no middle way and if you don’t believe in it and if you don’t invest constantly your time and money, it is a waste of time from the beginning.

But if you decide and if you believe, that you can make a living in sports betting world, then you must understand, that you will take some losses to. You will need to survive those days, months and even a negative season. Work hard and fight back.

Sports betting is a speculative business and usually speculative businesses have big ups and downs. It is crucial to know how to deal with losing.

Anyone can go 8-0 on bets in one day. This is easy part. The next day you have even more money. But 0-8 days will also come and here is the big difference between those who will not panic and will see the bigger picture (A-D) and those who will not see the bigger picture and will start panic, start blaming players, teams, other people for their success and they will see only the small picture (B-C). Most bettors don’t know how to survive 0-8 days.

If you work on your analysis and if you improve every year, use analytics and if you have strong money management, then you should not panic after some bad periods.

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