Soccer Bet Predictions

What are Soccer Computer picks & Bet Predictions?

Soccer Computer Picks are qualified (football) bets based on our betting model. The model is team based and it takes into account different team statistics. We can project 1-2-x bets and AH bets. Based on the discrepancies between our projected odds and bookmakers’ odds, we look for value bets.

Soccer betting model results:

+18.46 units

Qualified bets based on Soccer/Football Betting Model are updated at the end of every competition
Betting Experience
Unit / Bet size
  • Bundseliga 2: 5.01 units
  • EURO 2020: 13.45 units (AH betting recommended. Another version was 1-X-2 with +4.09 untis. Both profitable version for championship)


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the World, but I was never really a fan of soccer betting. But I created a model to help our students/members who bet soccer.  I have created Bundesliga 2 sample model and based on this any other league can be created. There is hundreds of variants and I bet very small amount games and very small amount of money on soccer.


The goal of my SOCCER betting spreadsheet is to find the value by comparing my projected soccer 1×2 odds and bookmakers 1×2 odds odds. If there is enough discrepancy between the numbers, this is then potentially good bet.