Hello hockey fans, today I’m announcing a major change to my NHL picks. As a matter of fact, I’m going to give them a whole new orientation and I hope you’ll enjoy the new approach.

I have decided to stop doing the write-ups, and instead focus on the development and the tracking of specific NHL betting strategies. I have access to data on 9 full NHL seasons (2007/2008 to 2015/2016). I have written down a list of potential winning strategies that I intend to investigate and I will share the results with you.

I have already completed the analysis of the following angle that I call “The NHL Streak Breaker Play”:

Considering the public’s tendency to overreact to recent results, should we bet on NHL teams which are currently on a losing streak facing a team riding a winning streak?

The answer is “yes” under some specific conditions. The research itself is done, but writing and structuring the article which unveils the details is not. The likelihood of posting this report within a week is very high.

Meanwhile, there are two games tonight that meet the criteria for betting according to this strategy so I wanted to let you know about them:

PICK #1: Detroit Red Wings +149 (decimal 2.49) at New York Rangers

PICK #2: Ottawa Senators +165 (decimal 2.65) at Columbus Blue Jackets

It’s important to note that I’ll keep track of the performance of “The NHL Streak Breaker Play”. The money lines stated above were taken from Pinnacle around 10am Eastern Time.

Not only are we going to monitor the morning lines, but also the closing lines. Why? This strategy will recommend fading the public the vast majority of the time (i.e. going against the grain). Therefore, I suspect that most of the time the money line will go up as the day progresses so it might be preferable to wait until we get closer to puck drop before placing your wagers. But as a statistician I always prefer to obtain data rather than going with my “gut feeling”.

So it will be interesting to see if the line does indeed tend to go in our favor from the morning until the start of the game. We’ll then have statistical evidence of whether we should place our bets early or not.

I will let you know as soon as the article is live. If you have ideas of potential strategies that you would like me to explore, don’t hesitate to email me (info@professormj.com).

Thanks a lot for following my work, I hope to provide as much value as I can!

Professor MJ