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Betting Experience
Unit / Bet size
  • More than 1000 bets wit profit
  • CLV (Started tracking in 2018): +1.88% / Beat the line: 64% (Biggest value plays: CLV: +3.48%, BTL: 73.39%
  • Strategy: 1-2 unit per bet

+91.28 units

-27.51 units on gut plays (not betting model)

$100 bettor made +$9,128 since 2016


MLB baseball is my favourite sport to bet and also my most successful in my betting career. I started betting MLB somewhere in 2004 and this was the time, when I was at the college and started to learn about statistics. With so many games and huge data base, I started to analyse baseball games. I use my betting model for MLB before I make final bets and I try to upgrade knowledge every year.


Betting Experience
Unit / Bet size

+66.81 units

$100 bettor made +$6,681 since February 4th, 2017


On February 2017 I created a simple betting model for basketball betting. The main idea was to help basketball bettors, so they can project their own spreads and totals before they make final bets. Since then I bet on basketball games from different leagues. The beauty of this model is simplicity and the chance to project lines for any league you want. I usually start betting after 30-40% of all games are already played in the league. I simply check the difference between my spreads/totals and bookmakers spreads/totals. If there is enough big difference, I make a bet.

Basketball Results


Betting Experience
Unit / Bet size
  • New sport for me
  • CLV (2018 first season): +0.11 / Beat the line: 46.30%
  • Strategy: 1 unit per bet

+15.51 Units

$100 bettor made +$1,551 since September 6th, 2018


NFL is most popular sport to bet in USA and I received many requests from US bettors to create one simple betting model, so they can project their own spreads and totals before they make final bets. I have created simple betting model in google sheets and every week on Tuesday I project my own odds. Then I compare my spreads/totals with bookmakers numbers and if there is enough big value (difference) I make a bet. I simply blindly follow those numbers.


In the process of creating a new betting model (not betting at this moment)


Betting Experience
Unit / Bet size
  • More than 1000 bets wit loss
  • CLV (Started tracking in 2018): +1.28 / Beat the line: 60%
  • Strategy: 1-2 unit per bet

-66.89 units

$100 bettor made -$6,689 since 2017


NHL was one of my most successful sports to bet in the past. It was second best sport after MLB, but in in last 2 seasons I started struggling and despite some of A Journey members make profit with the tools and knowledge that learned from me, I am now in a process of re-building a model. My unit size is much smaller now compared to MLB and also compared to basketball and the main goal right now is to create a betting model, that will have the edge over the market on the long run.


2018/2019 – in progess

2017/2018: -66.89 on math model plays and -8.62 on gut plays

2016/17 (started with my site): +157 Units

This is not picks service – We don’t sell picks!

I saw many very good handicappers in the past with great results and their followers, who couldn’t make a profit, despite they get the best “picks advice”. I am 100% sure, that focusing only on picks and being a follower is wrong focus and this is why most bettors lose. My main goal is to give enough tools (knowledge, experience, betting models, templates,…) so bettors can start betting on their own and start creating their own unique methods. My goal is to help average bettor to understand how sports betting works and what is important to win. But at the same time I try to improve every year, challenge in new sports and learn new things, because KNOWLEDGE is the power.

I share my picks trough different channels (instagram, twitter, youtube, this page,…) to stay transparent. This is the only reason for sharing picks.

You also don’t need to bet every single sport or league. To be successful in sports betting and start making money the only thing you need to find is one bet type, maybe one league, where you are successful. Competition is to big now to be expert in all sports.

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