NHL Computer Picks and Bet Predictions

What are NHL Computer Picks and Bet Predictions?

Those are qualified bets based on our sports betting model. First, we calculate our winning percentages, based on a different team and players’ data. Turn them into percentages and the odds. By comparing our model numbers and bookmakers numbers we look for value bets.

Computer Picks and Betting Model Results:

Note: NHL model is the only model with negative results. We are looking to improve it in next years. Use the numbers as part of your analysis and if you bet, bet very small until the model will start to show good results. We will keep working on it and honestly showing results and progress. 

-86.84 units

Qualified bets based on Hockey Betting Model are updated at the end of every season
Betting Experience
Unit / Bet size
  • Betting model includes all lineups and goalies. NEW MODEL 2020
  • Strategy: 0.5-1 unit per bet


NHL was my no2 sport in the past. But in 2017 and 2018 I started to struggle, bookmakers adjusted their odds and in 2019 I started creating new model with more details, including all the lineups, advanced stats, goalies,…unfortunately, COVID stopped the season. I also bet much less (or zero) now until the model shows better results.