NFL Computer Picks and Bet Predictions

NFL Week 6 betting spreadsheet

What are NFL Computer picks & Bet Predictions?

NFL Computer Picks are qualified bets based on our simple NFL sports betting model. We focus on projecting NFL spreads, based on team numbers. We are looking for discrepancies between our lines and sportsbooks’ lines. If there is enough big difference then this could be a potentially good bet (one touch-down difference for spreads, 10 for totals).

NFL betting model results:

+6.75 units

Qualified bets based on NFL Betting Model are updated at the end of every season
Betting Experience
Unit / Bet size
  • Betting model was created in 2018 and this is definitely very challenging league for me. There will be more updates and improvements int he future.
  • Strategy: 0.5-1 unit per bet


In 2018 I have created NFL betting model, mostly because I wanted to help our members. NFL is very interesting because it is sharp and big market sport. It is also very challenging because there is very small amount of games in one season and even if you are +EV it can happen that you win/lose because of pure luck. So, I started to improve model and focusing on CLV, which is positive. The model is available in the course, but I am very excited about future updates, because I learn more and more about this betting market.

  • NFL 2018/2019: 35-17, +16.64
  • NFL 2019/2020:24-29, -9.28