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All my bets (or picks if you call them so)  are 100% FREE. is not a sports picks service. Mission of this site is to provide quality content, quality game research and enough tools, including my own betting formulas to turn followers into handicappers. It is about my journey into the world of successful sports betting.

I create my own betting models, I analyse games, I make projections and estimate winning percentages for more than 5000 games in one year,  I learn all the time, I bet for myself and I challenge myself in sports betting. I share those bets with the world for free. The goal is always the same – to win at sports betting for myself, motivate and give enough tools to my followers so they can make better bets for themselves.

In general I don’t believe in blindly following other people’s picks, steps, dreams,… especially, not whole life (sheep following). Following other people’s picks will not make profit in most cases and you will be probably disappointed with my picks too. It is not my fault and it is not your fault. Maybe I can make a profit for myself, but still lose. It is a general problem of sports betting world and following other people’s picks is becoming almost not possible (don’t say, that I didn’t tell you).

I believe, that anyone in 2018 understands, that we are now part of a dynamic sports betting world, where odds can change anytime (check my video).  And the odds are the key!

Sports betting can not be compared to stock market, where you can basically give your money to someone else and then just wait. In sports betting daily work is very important. I strongly believe, that it is crucial to bet on your own if you want to be successful in sports betting. It is more important to understand the winning percentages and the odds, than getting “so-called” picks from someone. It is crucial to understand what to bet, when to bet and for which price. It is also very important to start using statistics as a part of your analysis and I can teach you everything I learned in A Journey Betting Course.

The last but not the least important: Win or lose, I am totally honest with my results. I don’t sell picks, I just share them. I have couple of betting projects, all my bets are played with bankrolls, that are separated from my monthly income stream. Sports betting is a speculative business and this should be taken into account even before you start. The mission of this site is to give enough tools, strategies and methods so you can win on your own. Those strategies are based on my 20-year betting experience (both bad and good). All information and picks given out are for informational and entertainment purposes only. This information is not intended for any use which might promote any illegal activity or violate any of your local, state or federal laws. I do not share in any gains, nor am I liable for any losses that may occur as a result of the use of any information, recommendations, opinions, or picks provided. Although I may display past results, past performance is not a guarantee of future results. If you have a gambling problem please visit

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