MLB Computer Picks and Bet Predictions

What are MLB Computer Picks and Bet Predictions?

Those are qualified bets based on our MLB sports betting model. First, we calculate our winning percentages, where we take into account different data about the pitchers, bullpen, lineups, etc… Then we estimate probabilities, compare with bookmakers’ odds, and look for discrepancies and mispriced opportunities. Based on our criteria (adjusted kelly criterium) a bet is qualified or not.

Computer Picks and Betting Model Results:

+128.40 units

NOTE: Qualified bets based on MLB Betting Model are updated at the end of every season
Betting Experience
Unit / Bet size
  • Thousands of bets wit overall profit
  • CLV (Started tracking in 2018): +1.88% / Beat the line: 64% (Biggest value plays: CLV: +3.48%, BTL: 73.39%
  • The model calculates probabilities and mlb lines
  • Strategy based on the numbers: adjusted kelly units

Baseball betting successfully for 15+ years. Since 2016 picks are publicly available and downloadable spreadsheet for members.

  • MLB 2016: +40.67 units 
  • MLB 2017: +56.20 model plays
  • MLB 2018: +3.83 Units (CLV: +1.92%, BTL: 64%)
  • MLB 2019: +12.50 Units (CLV: +1.64%, BTL: 63.12%, Best Value Plays CLV: 3.33%, BTL: 75%)
  • MLB 2020: +15.20 Units (CLV: +1.65%, BTL: 77.78%)