PRICE: $80

One time payment – for the rest of MLB season 2018

All early projections and early bets (sample)


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THE PRICE: $80 for the rest of the MLB season/playoffs (July – November, until the end)

WHAT YOU GET: You get my early projections and early bets in PDF (sample pdf). I will put you on special email list and will send projections there.

WHAT YOU ARE PAYING: When you pay, you show that you value my time and effort. I spend a lot of time to create betting models, a lot of time researching games. With this you get all winning percentages for games. Every game that I research and every early bet I make, you will get in your email until the end of the season. You are not paying for picks, but for my effort.

HOW MANY ANALYSED GAMES CAN WE EXPECT? If I research games, I will send the analysis to you. There will be MLB All Star weekend, when I will not make any analysis (16-18 July). There might be couple of days, where I will take a day off, but you can expect projections and my bets almost every single day, when there is at least one MLB game scheduled.


  • Paypal: Send $80 to
  • Skrill: Send $80 to

WHAT HAPPEN AFTER YOU PAY: Once I receive payment, I will add you to special email list and I will start sending my projections and early bets  via email. I usually send projections with Pinnacle opening lines once per day. Don’t forget to add my email to safe list, because if you don’t do this, some of my emails can end in junk email / spam.

IS THERE ANY REFUND? No, there is no refund, once you pay. The price is very small compared to all my work and this is basically small amount for my effort, my time spent and daily work. It is less than one coffee per day for my work.

You must be over 18 years old and agree with terms of service.

DO YOU HAVE QUESTION? Send email to and I will be happy to help!