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ABOUT MY BETS (PICKS): All my bets  are 100% FREE. is not a sports picks service.  Mission of this site is to motivate and give enough tools (articles, betting courses,…) to turn average bettors from followers into handicappers.

I don’t believe in blindly following other people’s picks, steps, dreams,… especially, not whole life. Following other people’s picks will not make profit in most cases, because we are part of dynamic sports betting world, where odds can change anytime (check my video). And the odds are the key, what to bet or what not to bet. I strongly believe, that it is crucial to bet on your own if you want to be successful in sports betting. It is more important to understand the winning percentages and the odds, than getting “so-called” picks from someone. It is crucial to understand when to bet and for which price. It is also crucial to start using statistics as a part of your analysis and I can teach you everything I know in A Journey Betting Course.

ABOUT PROJECTED LINES: There is a big difference between projections and picks. I recommend to sign up for my 7-DAY FREE ONLINE BETTING COURSE, where this is explained. I create simple and easy-to-understand betting models, that estimate winning percentages. In one single year I project more than 5000 games (MLB, NHL, NBA, international basketball leagues).

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