Bitcoin Sports Betting – How you could make $32,000 with my Free Picks

We are in June 2017 and this year has been great so far from my investing perspective. I made more than 6500 units of profit since February 2017 and I also shared all my daily investment advice for free on my site. Sports bettors like to call this – picks. In other words, if we translate this into ROI (Return on Investment) numbers, my starting investment raised for +65% in just 5 months. Or if you like, $100 bettors, that followed me, could made more than $6500 of profit. Just by following my daily picks.

This is not Sports Betting Service

I am sports betting entrepreneur/investor, this is what I like to call myself, because I don’t sell any picks, like many sports picks services do. What I bet, I share for free, but at the same time I also see the bigger picture and I have generated more incomes related to sports betting world. My mission is to help people with fundamentals and prepare them to bet for themselves. Not only, that they bet for themselves, but also to show them how to become entrepreneur and make living in sports betting world.

Bitcoin Sports Betting is the Future – No Doubt

However, one part is investing in cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. The whole industry is ideal for gambling world and I am sure this will change whole dynamics in next few years.

Because of that, I don’t want that my followers are late and I added this part into my sports betting online course too. And those who followed me and started betting with bitcoins, they probably doubled their incomes with my picks. Their investment was more than +200% in just 5 months.

Win more bitcoins with betting

If you started with $10.000 and turn them into bitcoins you would have 9.67 BTC on February 4th. We raised bankroll (9.67) for +60% with the help of my picks and today we would have 15.47 BTC. If you decided, that you will withdraw this amount and change BTC to USD you would have $42490.60 today on June 13th 2017.

Of course, this is ideal picture, because the odds are not the same, sometimes you can miss some games and some games could not be played too. But even if you could raise bankroll for only +30% so far, you would have 12.57 BTC today. And if you change BTC today into USD, you would have $34.465 which is more than amazing. Profit of $24.465 in just 5 months.

Bitcoins are growing and help sports bettors

How is this possible?
It is very simple. Bitcoins have raised for more than +170% and I added profit of +65% with my sports investment picks too. You are probably thinking right now, oh I am too late. Why I didn’t bet with bitcoins…

Bitcoin Bettors are not late

You are not too late
Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies will raise and you are not late. Some projections say, that bitcoins will raise for another +100% or even more this in 2017. Most of the world is still struggling with cryptocurrencies and if you tart today, you are still not too late.

This is how you can start betting with bitcoins:

  • First Step – You need to buy a bitcoins

You will need 2 things: A Wallet and some site, where you will change your money into bitcoins (BTC). I use, where you can buy bitcoins and I use for a wallet, where I store bitcoins and send them wherever I want. I want to send them to Bitcoin bookmaker

  • Second Step – You need bitcoin bookmaker

There are a lot of great bookmakers, that accept bitcoins, but they just accept bitcoins and then they change them into USD – Your account balance is held in fiat.

So, you basically don’t profit from this. What you are looking is a bookmaker that accepts bitcoins and you can bet with bitcoins.

Here are some of the best bitcoin bookmakers tout there:

  • Third Step – You must win

Of course, betting without making a profit, in the end, it will only hurt you. Winning at betting is a complex thing and it all starts with education about sports betting.

Check Free betting training

When you will have bitcoins, you will easily send to your Cloudbet or any other bitcoin bookmaker. And the best part – small fees and anonymity.

You can make your own picks, you can follow my picks, which are 100% free or whatever is best for you. Investing in bitcon bookmakers was probably one of the best investment for sports bettors in 2017. You are not too late, because all projections show, that bitcons will raise in the future too.