CSGO Betting Model and Bet Predictions

What are the CSGO model & Bet Predictions?

Those are qualified bets based on our sports betting model. First, we calculate our winning percentages, based on different rankings and data from CSGO players and lineups. Then we estimate the chances of each team to win the game, and finally, compare with bookmakers’ odds and look for discrepancies and mispriced opportunities. Based on our criteria a bet is qualified or not. The numbers and projected betting odds can be also useful also as part of different analyses.

CSGO betting model results:

+16.23 units

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  • Strategy: adjusted kelly
  • CSGO: +16.23


The goal of my csgo betting spreadsheet is to find the value by comparing my projected odds and bookmakers. If there is enough discrepancy between the numbers, this is then a potentially good bet.