CBB Computer Picks and Bet Predictions

What are CBB Computer picks & Bet Predictions?

College Basketball Computer Picks are qualified ncaa bets based on our simple CBB betting model. The idea was taken from simple basketball model, where we project the spreads and then compare them with sportsbooks spreads.

CBB betting model results:

+19.08 units

Qualified bets based on CBB Basketball Betting Model are updated at the end of every season
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In 2019 there was a request from A Journey members if I can help them build a betting model for CBB. I decided to create a simple model with available free stats on the internet to get projected numbers before bookmakers. I do NOT bet CBB, because I don’t want to jump from sport to sport, but I tested the model on more than 1000 bets. Occasionally you may expect some projections and bets. A downloadable NCAA basketball betting model is available for members.

The model was tested based on 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 pts difference between the model projections and bookmakers lines. Here are the results after 1008 games: