One of my favourite Online Sportsbook/Gambling site just paid $890,000!

Very exciting news from gambling world: Yesterday, on 26th October A Cloudbet player took home 160 BTC, equivalent to over €768,000 whilst playing in Live Casino!

Why is this important and why I am talking this, is because 95% of bookmakers will never pay you such amount.

The reality is that when you beat them, most of them will kick you out or they will limit you. Cloudbet just paid €768,000 ($890,000). I am super impressed with this sportsbook, their offer, their site and their Welcome bonus offer (5BTC – equivalent to over $28,000).

I am promoting this site, because I trust them and I think those bitcoin bookmakers will totally destroy fiat bookmakers in next five years. If you sign up trough my link, I can win small commission, this is called affiliate marketing. In other words that if you choose to create an account and bet there, I can earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

But I also see huge difference between bookmakers all around the world. I have personal experience with many of them in the past.

Some bookmakers that I used in the past had some unrealistic requirements before they pay you.

With Cloudbet everything is transparent and they pay me without any problems. No question asked. This is how it should be.

Not only that this guy won 160 BTC, he will be a millionaire for sure and his future is safe.

What he needs to do is to securely save those bitcoins and wait. (I recommend for such things hardware wallet – LEDGER NANO S). The predictions show, that 1 bitcoin can raise up to $100,000 (now cca $6,000).

I am really excited about everything around bitcoins, blockchain technology and I very good times are coming for all of us!