Most People think, that profit is most important indicator of success in sports betting. But it’s not. If you want to see how good one sports handicapper is, you should pay attention on three things: Yield, ROI and Profitability. I saw a lot of sites, that don’t understand the difference. Some sites use ROI as Yield and vice versa. This is why I will try to make simple explanation with an example, so everyone can understand those three important things.
Let’s say John has 10.000 EUR and he wants to invest in sports betting (instead of somewhere else). So, he will open an online bookmakers account and he will put those 10.000 on it. For simple example, we will say, that there are no fees and he has exactly 10.000EUR on his bookmaker account. He decided, that he will divide his bankroll into 100 parts and he will bet exactly one game each day in next 365 days. Every bet size will be exactly 100 EUR. He will not touch account for next 365 days and because of that all losses and wins will return on his account.
After one year, he made 365 bets, 100 EUR each. He won 195 bets and lost 170 bets. Right now he has exactly 12.760 EUR on his account. He made +2.760 EUR in this case.
Yield will measure betting efficiency. It is profit / sum of all stakes. Profit in our example is +2.760 EUR and he made 365 bets * 100 EUR = 36.500 EUR. Yield = 2760 / 36500 = 0.07562. His yield is 7.562%. Everything around 10% is very good.
ROI (Return of investment)
The definition for calculation is something like this: for a single-period review, divide the return (net profit) by the resources that were committed (investment). In our example, John made +2.760 EUR of profit with the starting money (this is his investment, not turnover) of 10.000EUR. His ROI in this example is 2.760 / 10.000 = 27.60%. With ROI you want to see, how much you gained in some period (one year for example).
“Profitability is the ability of a business to earn a profit.” Without profitability you sports betting will not survive on the long run and is measured with profit and losses. Profitability = Profit / All Losses. For example, John played 365 games and his record was 195–170. In this case he lost 170 bets * 100 EUR = 17.000 EUR. Profitability = 2.760 / 17.000 = 0.1623 or 16.23%.

Sports betting business is a huge market right now. People love entertainment and they always look to find easy way to win money.

”Too many people lost money in sports betting — Let’s change it!”

Jackpot, gambling, sports betting, Las Vegas…risk, risk, risk. People know the risk, but they still want to bet, they still risk their money with the hope, that one big hit will change their lives. Advanced sports bettors have their own strategy and they play smart and you know what? There are a lot of professional players who make living out of sports betting. No matter if we talk about winners or losers, the concept is the same. The first you need some money, then you open (online) account, where you upload that money and then you start risking your money until you reach your goals or until you lose it. So, this is how 95% people will get involved in sports betting business.

What if I tell you, that you can make a lot of money without placing a single bet, without risking single penny? Is it possible?

Yes, it is!

Here are 3 ways to make money trough sports betting without risking single penny:

Sports Betting Contests

Do you love Sports Betting and you don’t have starting money? Do you feel, that you have the knowledge, that you can beat bookmakers, but you don’t want to risk money or you just can not handle the pressure when it comes to real money? No problem — contests are for you!

What is sports betting contest? Sports betting contest is competition between people with imaginary money or net units. Almost every biggest betting portal and forum have some contests. First step is to find contests and then participate. You will bet with imaginary money and you will compete with other people. At the end of some period if you are good, you will win real money. Most of the time, they will give you money to bet on some online bookmaker, which is usually sponsor of this contest. But there are also some contests, where they will simply transfer this money to your e-wallet. I know people, who won 10.000 EUR or even more on sports betting contests. With that money, you can start betting and the best part — you didn’t risk a single penny.

Betting Affiliate

Are you good at marketing or are you maybe developer? You don’t even want to bet? Maybe you should become affiliate. There are tons of online sports bookmakers and they all have the same goal — to bring as many bettors as possible to their site. If you can help them, you will be awarded. Almost every online bookmaker has affiliate programme. Create sites, find costumers, promote their sites, bring people in. A lot of Sports Betting Advice portals live just because of that, not because they sell very good betting advice.

Creating Your Own Brand

If you want to make a step further and make something bigger, then you should create your own brand and later monetise the whole thing. So, how to start? The first step is to chose some name for your brand. Not bad idea is to have your own name, because people will trust you little bit more. After that you need to find and join sports betting communities (forums, portals,fb groups, twitter,…) with that same name. Start creating quality content (picks — betting advices), join contests and always help people, who are betting for real. They will always look for good advice and if you give them good advice, they will come back and bring other people too. So, how to monetise?

If you help people to make money, they will gladly pay you for advice. If you create your own brand on forums, betting sites, contests and if they know your name, because you gave them good content and you helped them, then they will follow you. There are a lot of sports betting advice sites, who charge 300, 500, even 1000 EUR per user per year. It’s a huge huge business. There are even sites, where you can sell your advices, so you don’t need to create your own website and they will just take some % of your profit. You can write a book, you can become affiliate,….there are many options and it is much easier, when you previously created your own brand on free forums, free betting portals,etc. Do you know what is the best part? You don’t need any money to start, you just have to work hard, create quality content and you can make a lot of money trough sports betting without placing single bet. — A Journey into the mind of successful sports bettor