Sports Betting Model

Sports betting analytics

Sports betting model is a method how to project your own odds before you bet using sports betting analytics. It is very important part of betting system that helps you finding a team’s probabilities more accurately than a bookmaker/betting market. It helps you to find the value that most other bettors wouldn’t find.

For most people this is very difficult task. It takes a lot of time, research, knowledge, testing and even sleepless nights. But once you establish a successful betting model, it can give you the edge and show you opportunities that the general betting public would never consider.

I can not imagine betting without betting model, where I get projected numbers that can be compared with the bookmakers numbers (my projected odds/lines vs bookmakers lines).

Betting spreadsheet download

Every sports betting model, that I have created for myself or to help sports handicappers is available as a betting spreadsheet download for A Journey members (learn more about betting spreadsheets and membership in this video)

Why my models are different?

  • Simple – All my models were created in Google Spreadsheet with simple functions and simple formulas. The main idea from the start is to help an average bettor to become independent sports handicapper without following or paying other people’s picks.
  • Free tools and free stats – All models are created in free google spreadsheets (you only need free google account) and we always “operate” with free stats taken from the internet
  • My private models – There are handicappers that share projections, there are probably also some that will show you how to build a model, but nobody is willing to share their private betting models, that they use for them selves. Are my private models are available to download
  • Profitable results – Everything I do I share publicly and I don’t just share some formulas, but I also show how I use them in real time. I focus on profit and beating the closing lines.
  • Upgrading all the time – From time to time we need to upgrade models, because bookmakers are too smart and they hire the best experts. I constantly upgrade models and share with our members.
  • No emotions – betting model helps us make rational decisions, that are based on numbers and the facts. It is one of the most important things when it comes to sports betting.

How to build a sports betting model?

Check free course and learn more about my betting strategy and how I have created my private betting spreadsheet for different sports.