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What is a simple basketball betting model?

This is one of the simplest betting models I have created and the idea was also successfully used even for other sports and leagues (volleyball, handball, rugby,…). The idea is to project the spreads and then looking for differences between projected lines and bookmakers basketball lines. The model was used for different leagues all around the World.

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On February 2017 I created a simple betting model for basketball betting. The main idea was to help basketball bettors, so they can project their own spreads and totals before they make final bets. Since then I bet on basketball games from different leagues. The beauty of this model is simplicity and the chance to project lines for any league you want. I usually start betting after 30-40% of all games are already played in the league. I simply check the difference between my spreads/totals and bookmakers spreads/totals. If there is enough big difference, I make a bet.