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Top 7 Alternatives for Sports Bettors during Covid-19

WHO officially declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic. Because of this a number of sporting events and leagues have taken measures to prevent further spread of the disease either by limiting live attendance or total/temporary suspension of the games. Among those leagues are all the major Soccer leagues, the MLB, NBA, the NCAA, […]

Who are the winners and losers of sports betting world?

Who are participants of Sports Betting World, who fund the market and who profits the most? Why followers who look always for other handicappers picks are the biggest losers of Sports Betting World? Where are you in this story? The global online gambling market is anticipated to be valued at more than 94 billion USD […]

What have I learned after 631 analysed CBB games?

I received an email from our member if I can create a simple model, where he can project College Basketball games and with this tool he can make a better decisions. He said, that there is a lot of value betting those games. Honestly I never bet on college basketball. It is a league with […]

Are we monkeys or skilled bettors?

Yesterday I saw a guy on instagram, who bought daily card (all picks from one handicapper for one day) for $499. He received 3 bets, moneyline, handicapp and a parlay. The guy put togehter $1400 on all 3 bets. All bets were lost. The guy lost $1400 and extra $499. Combined $1899 in one day. […]

How To Win Betting on MLB baseball 2019?

It’s May 2019. Soccer leagues ended, NBA is finished, NFL regular season will start in September. This is couple of months from now. What to bet now? I need betting, I need adrenaline. – Are you asking the same question somewhere in May, June every year? – I see this pattern every single year. Somewhere […]

Three +EV MLB Free Picks – Sunday, 8/19/2018

FAVOURITE: Philadelphia (Pivetta) 1.53 / -189 Philadelphia Phillies lost yesterday and they will definitely try to bounce back after a loss. And I see nice chances for them with some +EV compared to bookmakers odds. They will start with Nick Pivetta, who is 6-9 to the season with the ERA of 4.40, but if we […]

What is required to be a professional bettor?

Whether it is learning a skill or having success in any job or career, there are proven ways to succeed, and it is important to understand and use them. It is no different in sports betting. Anyone serious about becoming a winning bettor knows that it will take some time and dedication to become a […]