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Wolves, Sheep and Hyenas of Sports Betting World

On October 6th, 2017 I decided, that I will take one 1 bitcoin and I will invest it in my 5 year betting project. The idea is that I make a profit in next 5 years (in other words – create more bitcoins, that I already have), but at the same time I hope, that […]

Sign Up For Free Baseball Training

SIGN UP FOR FREE BETTING COURSE! Hi, do you want to learn how I bet and how I project my own lines for MLB games? In this FREE webinar, I share couple of my tips how I bet baseball and I also show you couple of practical tips how you can start using statistics in […]

MLB Projections and Picks – Saturday, April 2018

Blue Jays Marcus Stroman 44.48% 125 Red Sox Jordan Montgomery 55.51% -125 Royals Danny Duffy 38.63% 159 Tigers Mike Fiers 61.37% -159 Reds Homer Bailey 21.99% 355 Cardinals Carlos Martinez 78.01% -355 Pirates Steven Brault 42.52% 135 Phillies Aaron Nola 57.48% -135 Indians Mike Clevinger 51.28% -105 Orioles Chris Tillman 48.72% 105 Twins Kyle Gibson […]

Are you on a bankroll or a budget?

I asked my friend, who love sports betting, what kind of money management he has. He said:”Every weekend I take $200-$300 and this is my bankroll. I bet $50 per game and that’s it. And then the next weekend the same.” Well, this is not a bankroll. He basically takes money from his monthly income […]