1. Always get the best price

Every professional sports bettor will look to get the best possible odds and if you have only one bookmaker account, you will miss a lot of good odds. Is this important? Yes it is, because you will lose money with every bet if you don’t bet on the best odds possible. It is the same if you want to buy a jacket and the shoes. In your city there are two shops, who sell exactly those shoes and that jacket you want.
In first store the price is:
Jacket $250
Shoes $200
In the second store:
Jacket $280
Shoes $170
Will you buy both shoes and the jacket in the same store or you want to save $30? Every smart person will try to save some money and will look to find the best price.
It is the same with bookmakers. If you have only one account and if you want to bet on one game, you will always get that odds, which your bookmaker will offer you. But if you have multiple accounts, you can get always the best possible odds. Here is the example of today’s NHL game between Philadelphia and Calgary. Pinnacle’s odds are 1.79 on Philadelphia and 2.15 on Calgary, while William Hill has 1.71 on Philadelphia and 2.20 on Calgary. If you have both accounts, you will make €80 more if you make a bet of €1000 on Pinnacle and you will make €50 more if you bet on Calgary at William Hill. Or if we turn things around, you will lose that money if you don’t have both accounts. Now, calculate all the bets you make trough one year and if you have more accounts, you can simply make much more money!

  1.  Get all the bonuses and free bets you can – why not?

So, what is a bonus or free bet? Bookmakers will usually award new players with some extra cash or free bets. For example if you sign up on 10Bet right now, they have bonus of 50% up to €200. “To be eligible for this promotion, your qualifying deposit amount must be rolled over once on settled sports bets with odds of at least 1.60. Any bet placed on any type of handicap (except 3-Way Handicap) or Over/Under will not count towards this requirement.” So, you roll over once your cash, play odds of 1.60 or more and then they give you extra money, which is great. I almost never play odds less than 1.60 and after some time you can roll over your starting deposit money. Almost every bookmaker will offer some bonuses and you can grab up to $1000 of bonuses on my site. Why they do this, is because they want to attract new players and if you are smart and disciplined, you can take that money.
  1. Stay under the radar

Here is the list of bookmakers, which are personally verified by me. Those are the safest and most reliable bookmakers right now, but still, when you start winning a lot, bookmakers will watch you and I don’t trust 100% anyone. There are a lot of stories on the internet, when bookmakers closed accounts or limited players, because they started winning. Such a things are unacceptable, but this is our reality and it is happening. This is why I am very careful and like to stay unsuspicious. If you spread your money on several bookmakers, you can stay longer under the radar.