3 Reasons Why You Should Have Multiple Sportsbook Accounts

Opening multiple sportsbooks and bookmakers accounts bring a lot of benefits and here are 3 quick reasons why you should open multiple accounts.

#1 Always get the best odds

Every professional sports bettor will look to get the best possible odds and if you have only one sportsbook account, you will miss a lot of good odds.

Is this important?

Yes, it is, because you will lose money with every bet if you don’t bet on the best odds possible. It is the same if you want to buy a jacket and shoes. In your city, there are two shops, which sell exactly those shoes and that jacket you want.

In the first store the price is:

  • Jacket $250
  • Shoes $200

In the second store:

  • Jacket $280
  • Shoes $170

Will you buy both shoes and the jacket in the same store or you want to save $30?

Every smart person will try to save some money and will look to find the best price.
It is the same with sportsbooks and their odds.

If you have only one account and if you want to bet on one game, you will always get that odds, which your bookmaker will offer you.

But if you have multiple accounts, you can get always the best possible odds.

Here is the example of today’s NHL game between Philadelphia and Calgary. Betonline’s odds are 1.79 on Philadelphia and 2.15 on Calgary, while Bovada has 1.71 on Philadelphia and 2.20 on Calgary.

If you have both accounts, you will make €80 more if you make a bet of €1000 on Betonline and you will make €50 more if you bet on Calgary at Bovada. Or if we turn things around, you will lose that money if you don’t have both accounts. Now, calculate all the bets you make through one year and if you have more accounts, you can simply make much more money!

#2 Get all the bonuses and free bets you can

So, what is a bonus or free bet? Bookmakers will usually award new players with some extra cash or free bets. For example, if you sign up on Cloudbet right now, they have 100% 5 Bitcoins Welcome Bonus and at the same time, you can benefit from Betonline $1000 Bonus.

To be eligible for sportsbook bonuses and promotion, your qualifying deposit amount usually must be rolled over a couple of times and all bonuses come with specific requirements. (Check the list of all Sportsbook bonuses, rollover requirements, and how to win them with promo codes)

#3 Stay under the radar

If you win at sports betting and if you spread your money at the same time on several bookmakers, you can stay longer under the radar, so they will not limit you. With this, you’ll reduce your chances of having your account restricted.

How to open multiple Sportsbook accounts?

There is no secret on how to open multiple sportsbook accounts because opening these accounts is FREE. Explore the sportsbooks and you are ready to go.

Which Sportsbooks should you join?

It all depends where you live, what sports and the leagues will you bet, do you want to bet with bitcoins or traditional fiat, etc…

I would always recommend top and leading bookmakers in the sports betting industry. Her is the list of 3 from each category and you can check full list of bonuses and codes here.

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