NFL is around the corner and here are three NFL survival pools, where you can win some nice amount of money.

Two of them are completely FREE. One is exclusive deal between Nitrogensports and Underdog Chance, only for our members. And the biggest one entry is just $100, where you can win $50,000.


  • TYPE – Underdogchance Exclusive

  • PRIZE: 0.15 BTC (cca $1000)

  • ENTRY FEE: Free (no deposit required to get a slot)

How to join?

Nitrogen Sports opened up a slots for their exclusive 0.15 BTC ($895) NFL Survivor Extra Pool exclusively for our members!
No deposit required to get a slot. 
Here is what you need to do:

 1) Sign up TODAY at Nitrogen Sports through this link:

 2) Join our FB group and share your Nitrogensports ID in comment, so they can add you to the group
 3) Drop your Nitro ID in this thread (comment) and you will be added to the list.

Join Nitrogensports and then go to our FB group, add your ID, so we can add you to the pool.


  • TYPE – Public

  • PRIZE: 0.5 BTC (cca $3,500)

  • ENTRY FEE: Free

How to join?

We’re getting excited for the upcoming US Football Season and just like the past five years – Bitcoinrush are going to make it interesting for all users by creating a FREE Survivor Pool with a chance to win 500 mBTC!

All you need to do is pick the winning team each week (no spread involved) and be the last man standing! If you’re looking to raise the stakes and give yourself more chances to win, try out our Paid Survivor Pools with entries of 5 mbtc and 10 mbtc each!


  • BitcoinRush is adding 0.5 BTC to each pool; so every pool will have at least a 0.5 BTC prize pool regardless of # of players!
  • A player can purchase as many entries as desired at each buy-in level, except for the Free pool, which is limited to 1 team.
  • Choose one NFL team to win each week. You may not choose that same team again for the rest of the season.
  • Picks are made “straight up”, not using a point spread system.
  • Picks are to be submitted by 8PM EDT Thursday each week. If a pick isn’t submitted, your team forfeits and is eliminated.
  • All completed picks are published Thursday at 8PM EDT
  • If your team wins, you survive until the next week.
  • If your team loses or ties, your team is eliminated from the pool.
  • The winner is the last team standing at the end of the season. The pot is shared in the event of a tie.
  • The winner(s) receive the entire pot, minus a 5% hosting fee.

Join Bitcoinrush and their NFL Survival pool!


  • TYPE – Public

  • PRIZE: $50,000

  • ENTRY FEE: $100 USD

How to join?

Join here

Registrations will remain open until Thursday, September 6th at 7:00 PM ET.


The pool is a “Survivor Pool” format. Each week you select one NFL team to win the game. There’s no point spreads. If you win, you continue picking next week. You’re eliminated from the pool if your team loses. The last player(s) remaining will collect or share the pot.


  1. You may not pick the same team twice.
  2. You must make your pick before the start of the first NFL game of that week. Make your selections at this website. You’re required to make a selection by the deadline. If you miss one selection you’re eliminated from the pool. No Exceptions.
  3. You’re responsible for ensuring the correct recording of your selection . Report any suspected errors before the start of your selected game. You can always check your current selection, for the week, on our website.
  4. Cost is $100 USD per entry
  5. Selections in games that are:
    • Cancelled
    • Not played to completion will count as a win. Regardless of the team a contestant selected. Going forward, those contestants can’t select either team from the disrupted game
  6. In the event of more than one survivor at the season’s final week, a tie-breaker determines the winner. Every week, you must guess the combined score of the last game. The system calculates the difference between the guess and the final score for each week. The differences for each week get added up to get the season long difference. The survivor with the lowest season long difference, wins the tie breaker. If more than one survivor has the exact same difference they have to share the pot.

Join Youwager NFL Survival pool!

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