Sports betting may be defined as a category of gambling in which a bet or wager is placed on the sports outcome, people are always adamant on earning additional money and this may be one of the ways to earn large amount of money by placing bets.

You must be wondering how just “betting” can affect the consequences of the game and result in an easy way to earn money? Sports betting may be comprised of point shaving, spot-fixing and match fixing. These elements when being bet upon may turn the match outcome upside down, affecting the integrity of the sports event and help in rotating the results in your favor.



Win bet or moneyline bet: This is the most basic and easiest of the wager that can be placed on a match or your favorite team, either it’s going to win or not.

  • Straight bets and the point spreads
  • Totals betting or over/under betting
  • Specials or Proposition Bets
  • Outrights or Futures
  • Accumulators or Parlays



It is quite astonishing that people have acquired gambling at a professional level and a means of earning their bread and butter on regular basis. Although it is considered as being quite risky to put your hard earned money at stake because you can either multiply it to no bounds or you can lose it in an instant, but still they have their hopes high that one way or the other the will make it big one day.

Following are the ways through which you may not need to invest a single penny, still place your bet and win humongous amounts in return.


Sports betting contests are the safest to take part in, if you don’t have money to invest or you don’t want to invest even if you have a decent amount of capital, sports betting contests are your best bet. Many betting portals have contests going on, where you bet with imaginary money and compete with others, in return you start winning and earning good amount if you turn out to be efficient at it.


People who know how to sell, being an affiliate is the “IT” job for them. There are bookmaker sites, who want bettors and gamblers to play through their sites. An affiliate is the one who convinces them through their marketing skills to gamble; the more people you bring to them, the more you get rewarded.


Make yourself a brand and make it even bigger in the gambling business. Make profiles on social media sites and forums, bookmaker portals, make tweets, write influential articles, talk to people in person about your guesses, so by the word of mouth they will recommend you to others as well forming a chain of acquaintances. Eventually they start trusting your content, your guidance and counseling and start paying in return.



Bitcoin sports’ betting is not as established yet as the regular sports betting books. In bitcoin betting you do not gamble with the regular money but by using the bitcoins. They are a safer way to gamble without giving out much of your personal information, rather bitcoin sports books entertain bookies from any part of the world to bet on their sites. There are many thriving sports bitcoin betting sites while some are not so flourishing ones, who provide just a lesser number of sports events to bid on, while the more blooming ones provide a vast variety of games, championships and events to gamble on.



Sports’ betting is a serious means of earnings and livelihood in various parts of the world like USA, Europe, Canada and Costa Rica. There has been an immeasurable and cosmic increase of sports betting in the African region too over the past couple of years.

There could be diverse set of reasons that make sports betting proliferate and escalate that rapidly in the African region. High rate of unemployment and Africa having the youngest population in the world can be one of the reasons; this can be a deadly combination – YOUTHFULNESS AND UNEMPLYMENT. While sports can be engaging and gambling can make you take home some money. Other factors may include addiction- sports betting can be addictive, Africans are sports maniac where football being the most famous sport alongside cricket which makes it propitious and a budding to be booming market in the business of sports betting, no definite and austere rules and regulations on gambling could be a few reasons of easy access to betting in Africa.


With the ever increasing horizon of new ideas to invest money and get a great deal of profit out of it, sports betting has emerged as one of the most vehement and desirous business ideas to invest money and gain double or triple the amount as profit. It’s an engaging and entertaining way of investing ones money by offering their whole bankroll and instantly get to double it if the results turn out to be as expected.