A sports betting entrepreneur, sports enthusiasts, crypto investor and a family guy. I will show you how to use simple statistics in sports betting. No, this is not another betting service – I don’t sell sports picks. My mission is to teach you how to make a living in sports betting world.

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Klemen Selakovic

MB personally helped me change the negative perspective on sports betting. His knowledge and numbers on the topic are crazy! He takes a strategical, analytical and investing approaches that are usually found in the financial world. If you want to be successful in MLB and NHL betting you are in the right place!

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Where to bet NFL and how much money you lose in one season if you pick a wrong bookmaker?

Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots will open new NFL season tomorrow and there will be a lot of betting action whole season. Every season is a new season, new opportunity and we all start from the beginning. Some bettors or investors, if you like will be prepared for this season with strategy, betting […]

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
I don’t give you just my picks – I tech you how I bet. Formulas behind bets, strategy, mindset,….
David Beaudoin

“Life is beautiful. You never know when you are going to meet a new person that will change your life.
It happened to me a few months ago as I was surfing the web. I ran into this underdogchance.com website that I didn’t know anything about. The interface looked nice, the guy on the picture looked like a nice guy and I liked the fact he was mentioning being an “investor” in sports betting.
The more I kept reading, the more I wanted to get to know this guy. He claims to be a family guy, dad of a two-year old girl. I have 2 young boys so I can relate to him. His vision of sports betting is exactly like mine: you absolutely need to mix statistical models with your own judgement in order to be successful in this business. If you only watch games and don’t run any numbers, you are very likely to lose in the long run. If you only focus on numbers and you don’t take into account important factors like injuries and scheduling, you are also likely to run into some trouble.
I wrote a long email to MB and we hit it off immediately. We’ve been emailing each other quite often since then and became good friends. I highly recommend checking out his website, whether you want to follow his free daily NHL/MLB picks or his online course about sports betting called “A Journey”.
Thanks MB for all the informative content related to sports betting, but more importantly, thanks for being a friend.”

David BeaudoinStatistics professor at Laval University (Quebec City, Canada). Holding a PhD in statistics and the owner of sports betting siteprofessormj.com

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