WNBA – Wednesday

Game WNBA – Indiana Fever at Phoenix Mercury
Bet #363 Phoenix Mercury -6.5 @1.917
Risk €100

Game WNBA – Atlanta Dream at Washington Mystics
Bet #363 Washington Mystics -2.5 @1.97
Risk €100

WNBA – Sunday 16th July 2017

Game WNBA – Phoenix Mercury at Minnesota Lynx
Bet #363 Phoenix Mercury +14 @1.943
Risk €100

WNBA Sunday’s Picks – 9/7/2017

Game WNBA – Dallas Wings at Atlanta Dream
Bet #363 Under 167 @1.862
Risk €100

Game WNBA – New York Liberty at Phoenix Mercury
Bet #363 Under 161 @1.84
Risk €100

Saturday Basketball Picks – 8/7/2017

Game WNBA – Minnesota Lynx at Chicago Sky
Bet #363 Minnesota Lynx -14.5 @1.97
Risk €100



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Important Note Before MLB Season

#1 Summer Season (April – September) starts on April 1st 2017 and will end on September 30.

Today’s VIDEO – Analysis & Comments
NHL testing New Model Season 2016/2017: +157.12, Yield: +1.10%
What should you know before new season (some info in today’s video below):

  • I finished with my NHL testing season. In next 3 days, I will prepare for Summer season
  • I will start with imaginary 10000 EUR and this will my base number for next few seasons.
  • I will start on April 1st 2017 with Summer Season
  • I will end this season on September 30
  • I will reorganise bankroll after September
  • 95% of plays will be from MLB
  • I will use progressive strategy – I will recalculate units every single day
  • I will play a lot of underdogs, because of that you can expect win% record of 50% or even less.
  • You can also expect 8 game losing streaks and 8 game winning streaks
  • Max bet will be 5% of current bankroll
  • It will be hard to follow every single pick (2430 games in half year and a lot of plays), this is why I encourage you to bet your own bets, watch videos if you are new in MLB and learn. Grow with me. Picks are bullshit. If you learn how to bet, this is best investment. Many of you can be even better than me. 

About Basketball picks


  • I will start releasing basketball picks via email too (request by followers)
  • Because of that, you can expect 2 emails per day, I will give you a lot of content and a lot of material to help you with picks. Of course – everything for FREE!
  • Record so far on basketball is: 134-69-7, Yield: +25.98%
  • In other words, if you started following my basketball picks with 1000 EUR and if you could get all my lines, then you should have around 3713 EUR on your account or if you like +2731 EUR of profit.
  • I don’t chase, I don’t double bets, I use simple flat money management and those are the results so far
  • I use only simple method to project the lines and everyone can learn this in my A Journey, which is still only 150 EUR in March


About A Journey (here)


  • The price is still 150 EUR in March – don’t miss it
  • I don’t bargain, this is one thing that I really hate and in April will be 300 EUR, without exception
  • The price is more than fair. I don’t give you one month picks, but I show you the method, that more than tripled my initial bankroll in 2 months and many other things.
  • At the end of the day, all my picks are still free and most betting sites will charge 100-500 per month for their picks.
  • Once you buy “A Journey” every update (if I will add something in the future) is free of charge.
  • Check it here – 150 in March is a gift!

Best Regards and I wish you all the best in upcoming season!

Projected NHL Lines – March 34th 2119

Hello fellow NHL fans from around the world!

Most of the time I won’t post projections for weekend games, but this time I will. With 10 games on Saturday, I see 5 profitable bets. Here are the full projections:

Avalanche-Jets (Pinnacle +195 vs -218, Prof MJ +184 vs -184)
Devils-Bruins (Pinnacle +248 vs -280, Prof MJ +210 vs -210)
Lightning-Sabres (Pinnacle -139 vs +126, Prof MJ +111 vs -111)
Jackets-Sens (Pinnacle -115 vs +105, Prof MJ -126 vs +126)
Stars-Panthers (Pinnacle +129 vs -143, Prof MJ +173 vs -173)
Canadiens-Rangers (Pinnacle +113 vs -125, Prof MJ +136 vs -136)
Flyers-Capitals (Pinnacle +231 vs -260, Prof MJ +274 vs -274)
Hawks-Preds (Pinnacle +111 vs -123, Prof MJ +106 vs -106)
Canucks-Kings (Pinnacle +231 vs -260, Prof MJ +188 vs -188)
Wings-Oilers (Pinnacle +185 vs -206, Prof MJ +260 vs -260)

The best value goes to Buffalo at +126 (decimal 2.26) vs Tampa. The Sabres are on a “normal” schedule, while the Lightning will be playing the second of back-to-back games (3rd in 4 nights, 4th in 6 nights). We will see how they do tonight in Pittsburgh, but they were lucky to beat Carolina at home the other day (outshot 18-4 in the first period, what happened there??). Tampa got rid of Brian Boyle and Filppula via trades. A source of concern for the Sabres is Kyle Okposo who did not return in the 3rd period of the last game, and he did not practice today. I still like the Sabres with such lines at home vs Tampa.

If you want to go with long-shot picks, I offer you two choices: Devils +248 (decimal 3.48) at Boston is the first one. Rask often gets a night off after playing 3 games in a row, which has been the case so I estimate Khudobin has a 70% chance of being the starter in this game (his numbers aren’t nearly as good as Rask’s). You could also go with Vancouver +231 (decimal 3.31) in Los Angeles. I don’t get these odds, yes the Kings have the better team, but they are still a mediocre team. People may be getting overexcited about the return of Jonathan Quick. But remember that Peter Budaj did an awesome job in his absence.

I also like the Panthers -143 (decimal 1.70) at home against the Stars. They have a much better team than Dallas, and they acquired Thomas Vanek. Roberto Luongo is hurt, but James Reimer has been just as solid (if not better) this season so no worries there.

Finally, I’m going with Edmonton at -206 (decimal 1.49) vs Detroit. I rarely pick such big favorites, but wow, this one looks appealing for several reasons. Detroit traded their second-best scorer Thomas Vanek. They will be playing the second of back-to-back games, while Edmonton got 3 days’ rest. And to top it all off, Jared Coreau has a high chance of starting in net since Mrazek is expected to start Friday night (which would be his sixth straight start). Coreau’s numbers have been bad.

Have a great weekend, I’ll talk to you again on Monday!!

Professor MJ

European Basketball Challenge Picks – Saturday 11.2.2017

FEBRUARY CHALLENGE: European Basketball

RECORD: 3-5-1, -121.40

BET #1

League: Germany Basketball Bundesliga
Game: Ludwigsburg – Giessen
Pick: Giessen +6 @1.88
Bet: 50 EUR

BET #2

League: Germany Basketball Bundesliga
Game: Gottingen – Oldenburg
Pick: Oldenburg +4.5 @1.92
Bet: 50 EUR

BET #3

League: France Pro A
Game: Orleans – Pau Orthez
Pick: Pau Orthez -4 @1.88
Bet: 50 EUR


European Basketball Challenge Picks – Friday 10.2.2017

FEBRUARY CHALLENGE: European Basketball

RECORD: 3-5-1, -101.80

BET #1

League: ULEB Euroleague
Game: Darussafaka – Fenerbahce
Pick: Fenerbahce -3 @1.79
Bet: 70 EUR

BET #2

League: ULEB Euroleague
Game: Olympiacos vs Zalgiris
Pick: Olympiakos -7.5 @1.72
Bet: 70 EUR


European Basketball Challenge Picks – Thursday 9.2.2017

FEBRUARY CHALLENGE: European Basketball

RECORD: 2-3-1, -18.50

BET #1

League: ULEB Euroleague
Game: Unics vs Real Madrid
Pick: LReal Madrid -6 @1.91
Bet: 70 EUR

BET #2

League: ULEB Euroleague
Game: Anadolu Efes vs EA7 Milano
Pick: Efes -8.5 @1.88
Bet: 70 EUR

BET #3

League: ULEB Euroleague
Game: CSKA Moscow vs Crvena Zvezda
Pick: CSKA -15.5 @1.81
Bet: 70 EUR