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NFL – Betting Challenge 12.9.2016

RECORD: 7-4, (62.63%) Amazing day yesterday with 4 wins and 1 loss. Today we have one play and YouBetOnit have an amazing line -2 at -105. Most Bookmakers have Steelers at -3 at -110, but this bookmaker offers great odds:   PITTSBURGH STEELERS -2 (YouBetOnIt.eu) WIN  

NFL – Betting Challenge 11.9.2016

Today we have 5 games. Here is official NFL schedule for today’s games and here you can check odds. BALTIMORE RAVENS -3 (Bovada) WIN ATLANTA FALCONS -3 (Bovada) LOST SAN DIEGO CHARGERS +7 (Bovada) WIN NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS +7 (Bovada) WIN JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +6 (Bovada) WIN Good Luck and you can expect new NFL picks on Thursday.

NFL Challenge – 8.9.2016

Here we go with Thursday Night Football. It’s only one game between Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers and I am going with: DENVER BRONCOS +3 (Bovada) WIN Good Luck and you can expect new NFL picks on Sunday.  

My 5 Important Criteria When Choosing an Online Bookmaker

We all need bookmakers, because without them we can not bet. But picking the right online bookmaker is not easy. How would I pick bookmaker if I start today? This is my personal criteria, how would I pick bookmaker. #1 Most Important: Getting Paid When I Win Do you know, that there are a lot of […]

NFL Challenge – 1.9.2016

Welcome to my first Challenge. As you already know, and you probably saw my video, where a lot of things are explained, my main sports are MLB and NHL, but I will challenge myself in other sports too. With other sports I am not that familiar, so I don’t know how good I will be. […]

Introduction to NFL Challenge

I want to win more than 50% of NFL games in first three weeks of the regular season + the last week of preseason. From September 1s – 26th September I will make 25 picks. This will include: 4 Preseason Games (1st September) (4) 5 Sunday games (Every next Sunday until 25th) (15) Every Thursday […]