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Betting analysis: Dallas Stars at New Jersey Devils

The odds dropped on New Jersey today despite public will be more with Dallas today and there are couple of things, that are against Devils here. First off all, they played yesterday and they will play this game on 0 days rest. Secondly, they will play with their back up goalie. And thirdly, Dallas will […]

Betting analysis – Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins

Very interesting line movement on this game. I didn’t expect such a movement today, because the odds dropped on Boston despite they played yesterday and according to some information that I have, public will be with Washington… The odds opened at around +105 (2.05) on Washington and then went up to around 2.20. My projected […]

Betting Analysis – Dallas Stars at New York Islanders

Dallas Stars beat Islanders this season by 5-0 at home and this was one of the biggest losses for Islanders. The question is can they revenge at home that loss. The opening odds were ate around 2.15 on Dallas Stars and 1.78 on Islanders. At the start of the day the first line movement happened […]

Betting Analysis – Los Angeles Kings at New Jersey Devils

Bookmakers opened the odds of around 2.25 (+125) on New Jersey Devils, but during the day those odds dropped, despite I think, that most people will still will be with Los Angeles. Right now Nitrogensports offer underdog odds of 2.04 (+104) on New Jersey Devils and 1.852 (-117) on Los Angeles Kings. My projected odds […]

Betting Analysis – Dallas Stars at New York Rangers

The odds are dropping on Dallas Stars in this game, despite more people will be with the Rangers today. The bookmakers opened the odds at around +120 on Dallas and -133 on Rangers. Right now we can get Dallas Stars +104 / 2.04 New York Rangers -115 / 1.87 on Bitcoinrush. What is the reason for such […]

Betting Analysis – Edmonton Oilers at Toronto Maple Leafs

Bookmaker opened the odds at around +170 and then during the day they dropped them to around +135. This is a huge line movement, despite more than 60% of people will be still with Toronto. So, why such a line movement here against Toronto Maple Leafs? Toronto without Auston Matthews? The latest information that I […]

NY Islanders at Boston Bruins – Betting Analysis

Islanders and Bruins will play first game this season and according to current bookmakers prices, we can get Islanders for 2.38 (Us odds +138) and Boston at around 1.62 (Us odds -153). The odds went up on Islanders during the day and bookmakers had them at around +120 in the morning. The public will be […]

NHL betting analysis of the day – NYI at PIT

The public and bookmakers don’t like Islanders too much in this game. But this is something normal when Penguins play, because they are very attractive team for bettors all over the world. But if you bet blindly on them whole season, you would make a loss of 2.9 units (Profit: -2.9 units). On the other […]