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    Hi, I’m MB.
    An entrepreneur, professional investor in sports, family guy and an optimist dedicated to change the negative perspective on sports betting and helping you to become profitable sports bettor.

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Klemen Selakovic

MB personally helped me change the negative perspective on sports betting. His knowledge and numbers on the topic are crazy! He takes a strategical, analytical and investing approaches that are usually found in the financial world. If you want to be successful in MLB and NHL betting you are in the right place!

Klemen SelakovicAward Winning Ux DesignerKlemenselakovic.com
Scotty King

“MB (Underdog Chance) brings insightful perspective to sports handicapping, his understanding and analysis in baseball and ice hockey sports betting are amazing.”

Scotty KingScotty KingSports Betting Authority For Many Years & 10 years head of marketing and sales at Pinnaclesports.com
Darko Laljek

“MB is the most passionate Sports Handicapper I have ever met. His knowledge about the topic is implacable. He never stops studying. His attributes about advising how to make most out of sports betting and attention to detail is top notch but what really separates him from others is how he puts everything together (knowledge, experience, passion, determination).”

Darko LaljekThe Owner Of Avtomotodeli - Avtomotodeli.com
Sam, London

“I’ve been following your MLB selections closely with interest and have been impressed by your approach, attitude and results. It’s unusual to find people in the betting sector with intelligence and integrity so for that I congratulate you.”

Sam, LondonProfessional Sports Bettor on football, darts and snooker

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